xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

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xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by aeros » Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:08 pm

This went out via the 'Weasels' whatsap, but some DHPC members may find it useful too.

The outline details can be found via the attachment. Dates/timings to be decided once I know numbers. If enough (3 or 4) to the east of me I'm happy to travel if you find a venue (someone's house would do)
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If interested let me know via email and I'll put you on the list and keep you in the loop.



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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by peterd » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:30 pm

Interesting Ed, out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the Solid Explorer app, i.e. what does XCtrack not do with regards tasks?

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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by aeros » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:47 am

It provides the database for tasks as it recognises the file format for saving and uploading tasks. File Manager doesn't seem to like the format. Not saying it definitely won't cos someone will prove me wrong (or the bug sorted - it hadn't yesterday).
Try it ... construct a task ...save to file, then delete in xctrack. Now try to upload from where you saved it. If it works without SE ... then all is good.

Below (from an NCT post last Jan from Joseph)

by herbacious » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:19 am

The xctrack download button is now live on xcmap, eg


Same applies to all routes on xcmap.

For xctrack users, you need to open the download files using an alternative file manager such as solid explorer
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... dexplorer2

Seems there is a bug with chrome that prevents it opening the files, but the files are fine

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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by AgeingHippy » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:10 pm

I would be interested in a hands on with xc track Ed.
Charles McDonald

Martin Baxter
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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by Martin Baxter » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:19 pm

Also interested Ed. Happy to host in Wetherby.

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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by Davebrads » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:24 pm

Yes Ed interested, Martins house will be big enough I am sure...

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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by aeros » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:18 pm

Given the utterly abysmal weather I'm going to offer some homework for any xctrack users. It follows on from quite a lot of requests in the past few weeks from people asking one simple question, How do I create routes/tasks? How do i create and manage waypoints?

For many of those already familiar with xctrack this will be old-hat. It's just for those less familiar with it.

One thing to mention first. I use Solid Explorer (SE) for file management .... not File Manager which doesn't seem to like xctsk files. SE free (use to cost 60p)

https://apkpure.com/solid-explorer-file ... dexplorer2

xctrack version 0.8.2

Creating tasks.

1. Using xcplanner create a route (not yet a task as it doesn't do cylinders). So ... create say an FAI triangle. Go to 'share' and you'll see download to xctrack. If you're doing this on your device it will load it directly into xctrack. All cylinders will be to 400M. If you wish to change cylinder sizes go to 'competition', 'navigation' and 'edit' - here you cam make the cylinders whatever you wish. If you wish to store for future use then it's the three little dots top right - and 'save task to file'. It's now stored in the xctrack tasks folder. If you wish to share using the QR code ... it's also an option.

Disadvantage - whilst it stores the route you haven't saved the waypoints if you wish to add a concentric cylinder. You can only use them (WP'S) a single time. (I await someone taking up that challenge).

2. Create a set (it could be for a comp, a day an area or a site) of waypoints on xcplanner (use the xcplanner free flight mode). Download them as wpt files to a folder of your choice. (I create a new one each year for waypoints/task; and one for my igc's). From this point on you can load them wherever you wish as a named set (Flymaster, Oudie .... or any app). Load them into the waypoints folder of xctrack. You can store many sets here for furture use. To avoid thousands of way points to wade through. Just make active the set you want on the day. Go into navigation and select the waypoints box. Touch the flag (top right) and select 'files' and then select only the set or sets you want. Only these will show during task making. The 'xctrack- internal' ones are those you have created directly in xctrack (see next section).

Creating a task means simply going into 'Competition task', creating it and saving as mention in '1'. Only the waypoints you need will be available when called on.

3. As mention in (2) ... you can create your task on the hill by pulling waypoints off one of your map screens using the cursor + ... go into pan mode, zoom in and find your waypoint, press and hold and a box comes up allowing you to name it and give it a prefix if you wish. All these waypoints are stored in the xctrack - internal folder automatically. Create some and you'll find them there.

4. If you wish you could create a task in xcmap. It's just an option. Create waypoints first in xcplanner and save as a gpx file. Load this file into xcmap (use the 'my tasks' area). This allows you to create a task with cylinders to your liking that ONLY YOU can see and share. The xctrack button allows it to be stored and put into the xctrack tasks folder for later use.

5. ALL tasks you or others create can be shared using the QR code.

6. ALL your config files (your screen layouts) can be shared - exported and imported, in 'preferences', testing and debug. I'd attach mine mine below as an example and for you to play wth except it won't allow the file extension. Email me if you'd like it (xcflight@gmail.com).

7. A last thing. Sounds! You can have all manner of dings ... but sounds for lots of actions can be disabled if you wish. Under auto actions you may have landing detection as auto ... but this infers a take off has taken place so i'd suggest setting the take off speed to above 6kph to avoid over sensitivity on the ground. Also ... look under mapping of events for further operations you can control.

I'm still discovering some things so any tips are welcome. With a bit of creative thinking there are some interesting features involved in the mapping, filtering of airspace and settings. I'll let you explore them.

For those who got a Leagoo M8Pro ... I'm still using mine for the third season with no problems. I recently got a Cubot p20 thinking at 6.1 screen it would be bigger than the M8's 5.7 ... it's not! The M8 is good for our needs as its screen is actually wider. The Cubot's advantage is a very shap screen image, a bigger battery at 400mAh and very fast gps. Not sure which I'll use yet but both are flight ready.


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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by tamskinner » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:49 pm

anyone seen one of these in use - looks to have good sunlight readability, and there's a 7" version?

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Re: xctrack practical/hands-on sessions

Post by aeros » Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:37 pm

At £40 it's a fairly cheap try, but the specs may be a bit low.

I gather the battery is only 1500MAh and it gives a working time of only 1 hr. I guess it's OK for in-car use as you can connect to a charger but I don't think it would do our job. Screen resolution is quite low, not unuseable, but you lose clarity ... I have some screen shots of my Leagoo against my Cubot and you can see the difference. It's not (I find) a bright display you need as a screen that is non reflective The screen readibility issue seems a lot less now that a few years ago ... screens have improved. In fact my Flymaster is now harder to see than my Android device.

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