Site Status Warnings
No flying during the months of Sep - Nov unless prior approval obtained.
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23.03.20. - Site Closed Until Further Notice.
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Site closed 1 Aug - 31 Dec.
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Great Whernside
The landowner has refused permission for us to park here, bottom land or to fly the NW face.  The area is...
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Nappa Scar
No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season).
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Stags Fell (Members only)
No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season). DHPC members only. The "12 pilots allowed in...
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Countryside Code

The Dales Club enjoys access to much privately owned land, for launch and landing sites. Please remember that it belongs to someone. A farmer is probably trying to make a living from it, and we are highly visible guests, relying on their generosity for the space to pursue our sport. In addition to the obvious, (no litter, shut gates, don't climb walls or fences), you must read the site specific requirements detailed in this guide, (parking, access routes, numbers etc.). Remember they apply to you, other flyers you see on the hill, and any friends you take with you. If you are involved with a site problem, be prepared to deal with it yourself and make a point of contacting the Sites Officer to make him aware of the situation.


Around April each year is lambing season in the Dales. Members must take extra care on the roads. If you are driving along and see a ewe on one side of the road and a lamb on the other, you can expect the latter to make a sudden dash to its Mum, just as you are upon it in your car. Pregnant sheep are very susceptible to miscarriages if alarmed, so pilots must be seen to show extreme consideration. Sites usually affected directly by lambing through closure or other restrictions are Windbank, Semer Water and Addingham Moorside. The details of such restrictions are posted in the appropriate issue of the Club magazine and on the website. Horses can also be easily startled and should be given a wide berth whenever possible.


Many farmers grow long grass for winter feed. Once a small area has been flattened, the wind can get a foothold and cause further damage. Grass laid flat can’t be cut and is wasted. Try to avoid fields in meadow. The situation is most acute one thermal downwind of our most popular sites.


Grouse rearing and shooting provides a significant income to many landowners and probably represents the greatest threat to our flying sites. Pen Hill and Great Whernside have already been denied to us because of grouse; and Stags Fell, Nappa Scar, Windbank and Ilkley could very easily go the same way. Always respect the relevant rules and never fly over an active shoot: don’t be the one who causes us to lose a site.