New Dales Forecast

You may have noticed a couple of odd looking entries on Twitter (!/dalesflyer ) and the website shout box in the last few days. It looks a bit like this:

DalesRASP > TEST Thu 0 ; Fri yes ; Sat 0 ; Sun 0 ; Mon 0 ; Tue 0 ;

I'm trying out a new feature that predicts whether it'll be flyable in the Dales on each day based on forecast data. In addition it'll try and predict whether it'll be a cross country day and how good the day might be on a scale of 1 to 5. The idea is to help with planning your week, a lot like the original Weather Jack website.

Every day the next five days is going to be listed with a 0 if it doesn't look flyable and a "yes" if it does. If the forecast shows it may be a cross country day then "XC" will show with a number up to 5 giving an idea about the quality of the day.

I've chosen some sensible values and limits but obviously a bit of fine tuning is going to be necessary. If you think it got a prediction for a day wrong let me know. Also if you  think the data could be displayed a bit better then give me your suggestions. If there's enough interest I could add a feature to email interested people if there's an XC day that shows up.

As a first test it's showing that Friday 28th is flyable, let's hope it's right.

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