XC Development Day- 18th Feb 2012

Details have now been finalised for the XC Development Day being run by Pat Dower. Many of you will know Pat from previous Club night talks or from meeting him on the hill. Pat is a very accomplished XC flier with many years of cross country and competition flying behind him; always very helpful and approachable with excellent communication skills.

This full, single day event is planned as a cross-club venture and invites will be going out to all our reciprocal rights neighbours. The cut off date for inclusion is 10th Feb and numbers may be limited. It is intended for all levels of pilot with the aim of improving all aspects of cross country flying; from those wishing to try their first XC to those of us just wishing to get better.  The date puts it just at the opening of the new flying season and it should be of great benefit in terms of encouraging XC flying and building confidence in decision making.

Details of the venue, timings and course programme can be found here: 'Cross Country Development Day'

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