Baildon Sod '13 Write Up

Melise's photos are here: ... 257442848/

Kerim Jaspersen takes the glory this year with a massive glide across the fairway and then some. Richard Boyle took a close second as well when he chose to fly a proper glider instead of the handkerchief / speed wing he brought for entertainment purposes. Top lady was Sara and second was Xena who'd actually disappeared in bracken at TO only to re-emerge and fly down.

Special prizes (need to be invented) go to Marek and Helen for what we think is the first attempt to tandem off Baildon for the Sod. Predictably there was much face planting, mainly by Helen in the passenger seat whilst it was Marek (what a gentleman) in the back that managed to hobble away with an ankle injury. Also prizes to Tony Pickering for eschewing the conventional way of winning the Sod by flying to the bottom like the rest of us and choosing to stay at take off for his flights and giving the bracken a damn good thrashing.

The wind didn't start off playing ball. There was talk of mutiny at first as gusts came steadily from the west but as it swung to the north and lightened there was a brief opportunity for the long glides but at the cost of skimming the bracken - literally 10cm made all the difference on some of these attempts. As the easterly strengthened at 8ish then launch became easier but at the cost of shorter glides but most reached the fairway which isn't to be sniffed at.

The high pressure looks like staying around a bit so I suggest waiting for a day with stronger easterlies for a hangie only Sod where uprights can be preserved this time.

See you next year, people with scythes and napalm are especially welcome.

BTW if you haven't seen some of Kerim's videos:

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