CANCELLED: DHPC Reserve Repack Sat Feb 13, 2021

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it will not be possible to hold the DHPC repack event that was planned for Sat Feb 13, 2021. We hope to organise the repack at a later date when the restrictions will be relaxed but at the moment it is difficult to say when that might be. It is entirely possible that the flying season will have started in earnest before then. 

This is not ideal. The repack has always been sceduled for February or early March to give everyone a chance to repack their reserve before the flying season starts - it is recommended to repack your reserve at least once a year and some manufacturers recommend every 6 months (check the manual for your reserve for the recommended frequency).

Many pilots are familiar with repacking their own reserve and will be comfortable doing it themselves. However, if for any reason you cannot repack your reserve then you should consider sending it away to be professionally repacked by one of the BHPA licensed repackers.

I have been in touch with the two BPHA licensed parachute packers who agreed to help out at our repack event and they both provide a repack service

A list of all BHPA licensed parachute packers can be found on the BHPA website at:

David May

DHPC Safety Officer

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