Club Night - Wed 6 Nov

Pilots' Question Time.   

About two years ago the Cumbria Soaring Club tried out the idea of an 'experts' panel. This proved so popular that on the second one it was so over subscribed that the venue couldn't cope and it became standing room only. Approximately 60 - 80 people attended. This demonstrated the need for an interactive occasion where people could raise questions, share their experiences, air their concerns and generally seek ways to improve their flying. The November Clubnight will attempt to do something similar. 

Although we don't have a speaker, please try to attend and also come prepared with questions you may have - on ANY flying/Club related topic.  I've seen it work and with a lively participating audience it provides for some entertaining and informative discussion. This is less the passive occasion of listening to a speaker and more the 'get it off your chest' and get involved format.

Remember - ANY questions that relates to ANY aspect of flying or better ways to run the Club or the BHPA - it's up for discussion with our panel.

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