CLUB NIGHT- X-Lakes hike and fly competiton with the 'Flying Vets' - 7th November 2019 at the Horse and Farrier.

Qick reminder that the next club night is the 7th November.

This evening will be delivered by double act ‘The flying Vets’ Rob Welford and James Allcock. They will give us the inside track on the XLAKES competition, one of the only hike and fly races in the UK.

This year club nights are being held at the Horse and Farrier in Otley. There is a big car park behind the pub for parking. LS21 1BQ

Arrive for 7.30 with the aim to start at 8. This gives time for a little beer and ‘parachat’ before the main event. 

Hope to see you there! Should be another fantastic night

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