Coaching 2014

The coaching programme will begin as soon as the weather relents. Further details can be found on the coaching registration form and will appear via the shoutbox, coaching section of the forum and via  email if you are either a coach or on the coaching group. This year, in cooperation with the CSC you are welcome to attend either or both if the dates don't clash. Due to the fickle nature of the weather I tend not to fix dates (other than they be weekends or Bank Holidays) but the CSC have a provisional dates list as follows:

April 5/6th, May 3/4th,  May 30/31st,  July 5/6th,  Aug 2/3rd,  Sept 6/7th (these are w/e dates and only ONE day will be used)

Contact if you wish to attend is: Dave Ashcroft 07752750869       Turn on JavaScript!

The DHPC coaching group is currently 10 registered pilots of varying experience. There are four pilots who have expressed a wish to start doing xc flights this year and I intend to arrange small xc days for them when conditions make it possible. If you need tasks to be witnessed and signed off could you please bring your logbook.

Ed Cleasby

DHPC Chief Coach

March 2014

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