BHPA Coaching Course 6/7 Feb 21

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a club coaching course on the weekend of 6/7 Feb 21.

The objective of the course is to train Club Pilots to become Club Coaches. As a Club Coach you will help other pilots in developing their flying skills and progressing safely through the BHPA Pilot Rating Scheme. You don't necessarily need to be a seasoned pilot with years of experience to become a Club Coach - as a minimum you need a CP rating and at least 10 hours flying experience. If you are a Club Pilot with less experience than this you are still welcome to attend, you just won’t be able to become a coach. Some pilots choose to attend these coaching courses purely as an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge.

If you are already a Club Coach, this course is ideal for refreshing your coaching knowledge. Existing coaches should attend a refresher every 5 years.

More details will be communicated when finalised but here is what I have so far:

For now, if you are interested, or you're not sure but would like more details or time to decide, please email me Rahul Basu at Turn on JavaScript!. No commitment needed yet but these courses are usually popular and I need to gauge likely numbers. 

Hope you’re interested and thanks.

Rahul Basu


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