Until we find a volunteer to take on the newsletter then we have to rely more on the forum for communication.  Whilst ours isn't the busiest (a good thing?) there may be some messages that you have missed recently: news of the BPCup, club nights, a coaching day, a reserve deployment on Wether Fell, and updates on the Leeds/Bradford Airspace Grab.  Even at this time of year there may be plans to go flying, or write ups of pilots who have actually committed aviation.  I would encourage you all to check the forum regularly and feel free to contribute.  My top tip is to log on even if you have no intention of posting (or leave yourself permanently logged on) so that any new posts are immediately apparent.  New members will have to mark everything as read.  You can also set up alerts to tell you when new posts have been made in topics you are interested in.

I realise that many of you prefer other forms of social media but please make the effort to use the forum.  The website is the only way to get up to date sites information and the easiest way to check NOTAMs.  Please use it.

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