Quiz Night - Thu 9 Jan 14

£££££ Money to be won £££££  First prize £15, second prize £10 and third prize £5.

Our wise, esteemed, sage, and squeekily clean new club secretary takes on the QI role of Stephen Fry.  The BBC’s graphics department is replaced with a PowerPoint presentation of questions and you will have a printed sheet on which to enter your answers.

Come and enjoy the fun, see how good Trev is with PowerPoint, show off how much you know, and earn yourself some beer money while you’re at it!

Note that Club Nights are back to the first Thursday of the month* at: The Horse and Farrier in Otley.  There is a big car park around the back and we have the upstairs function room booked.

Also the drop off for Aerofix.

Eat downstairs from 6.30pm.  Starts upstairs at 8pm.

*OK, I know this one is on the second Thursday.  We thought you'd like a recovery period following New Year!

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