LBA ACP Update

As you may have seen on the forum they have now issued an addendum to the ACP.  I don't think there is much in the addendum that affects us except that the deadline has been extended to 5 Nov 17.

Thank you for the 35 responses copied to me so far (2 from Tam), plus 2 (Ed & Kev) notified on the shoutbox but not copied to me.  The extended deadline gives the rest of you chance to express your views.  See previous post on the subject for details and advice.

In other news Tom Hardie has stepped down from his post as Airspace Liaison Officer at the BHPA, nominating me to take the lead for the LBA ACP (!).  So just when I thought that I had done my bit it's time to start all over again.  Since I've already submitted 2 responses I'll ask the BHPA Chairman to sign this one.

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