Sites Open Again

After due consideration and a green light from the BHPA, the committee has taken the decision to re-open some DHPC sites again.  Not all sites are open (for CV-19 and other reasons).  As always, please refer to the website where this is clearly indicated by the traffic light system.  The farmers report that the moors are tinder dry at the moment so please take extra care if you smoke.  Be respectful and report any incidents to the relevant Sites Officer.

The BHPA have issued a document ‘Restart Guidance’.  Please read it carefully and comply with the advice.  It may be sensible to print out a copy and take it with you so that you can demonstrate to landowners, locals and the police that you are behaving responsibly.

Following the winter and lock-down you will be pretty rusty, and other pilots in the air may be even less current.  Conditions are likely to be ‘lively’ at this time of year.  In line with the Restart Guidance take particular care and ‘stay safe’.

Under current social distancing rules, we do not consider it appropriate to fly cross country at this time, unless you have made specific travel arrangements with a member of your immediate household.

Martin Baxter


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