UPDATE: Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in chest strap

Tens of thousands of paragliding and paramotoring harnesses have been potentially ruled un-airworthy following a safety notice from buckle-maker Finsterwalder.

The company, which supplies buckles to dozens of harness manufactures, issued a safety notice about Click-Lock and T-Lock buckles at the start of June.

Since then, it has become clear that thousands of harnesses will be affected.

The safety notice affects all harnesses more than four-years-old that use a Finsterwalder Click-Lock or T-Lock buckling system on the chest-strap.

The issue is that the hooks on the plug end of the buckle wear out over time and under pressure, resulting in a possible accidental opening.

For more details see here http://www.xcmag.com/2016/06/chest-buckle-safety-notice-affects-tens-of-thousands/

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