Addingham Moorside

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Important information


Stay out of the enclosures.

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

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Lat, long: 53.920366, -1.889

OS grid reference: SE 078 471

Wind direction

N - NNE (350 - 025)


1200ft AMSL - 300ft top to bottom

Grade of pilot



Without blocking the road or track at the house on the right as the road turns left.  Alternatively park to the west and walk up the shoulder.


Follow the public footpaths.  Walk beyond the quarry for the best T/O and T/L.  B/L on the moor outside the enclosures.


Six, a hill of reasonable length, but with a narrow lift band that limits numbers in the air.


HT cables near the road. Be careful not to overshoot.
Rocky ridge and slope.
Cross wind landing required in the bottom landing field.

Likely rotor behind the quarry.

Heather snagging your lines.  At certain times of the year paragliders may not be able to find any suitable places to take-off.


This site is below controlled airspace.  Stay below 3,000' AMSL.

Do not fly east of the walled wood on the ridge (opposite Netherworthy House) as this takes you into controlled airspace (down to GL).

It is possible to open up an 'air corridor' between Addingham Moorside and Ilkley by calling ATC.  The ceiling of this corridor is 2,000' AMSL to the West of 'Will Hall's Wood' and 1,500' AMSL to the East of it.  Willy Hall's Wood lies approx 1nm West of the Ilkley Moor site.  It can clearly be seen by zooming in on the map of that site.  Close booking afterwards.

These arrangments are fully documented in ATS/LOA08 dated 20 Apr 2023.


A long walk.

Interesting RAF memorial to the crew of a deHaviland Mosquito that crashed here in 1943.

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

Good mobile coverage.