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Important information

Members only.

Strictly no parking on the track.

No XC and take note of the height restrictions outlined below.

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

Sites officer

South (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 53.8589, -1.7838

OS grid reference: SE 145 404

Wind direction

E (70 - 110)


930ft AMSL, 200ft top to bottom, 120ft soarable

Grade of pilot

All grades but primarily a training slope.


In the car park shown on the map. Strictly no parking on the track as
this upsets the owner of the caravan site.


Walk along the track or over the hill.


Five in good conditions, but only one in poor.


Take off is shallow and requires a good run. Beware bracken!
Flight can be turbulent especially in wave.
Used by modellers, avoid them by following BHPA/BMFA rules - talk to them and agree a means of deconfliction before taking off.
The slope is shallow sometimes producing good lift but usually patchy.
Bottom landings – avoid golfers, walkers and riders.
Top landings – sloping, land well back and to the South.


Do not drive onto the moor.

Be considerate to other moor users.

It is possible to fly the other faces of the moor but they can be turbulent and have hazards such as power lines, cars on road, etc.  Seek local advice before attempting to fly there. 

Within the Leeds/Bradford CTZ. No limit below 100'AGL. If you think you may be able to get higher phone ATC on 01133 913282 at least 15mins prior to flight. If approved you will be cleared to not above 1,500' QNH (they will give you a pressure setting) within a 1 mile (1.85km) radius of the trig point (53°51'24.588"N 1°47'11.58"W).  If you are in any doubt about setting QHN stay below 1,000' AMSL (set using map or GPS). Close booking afterwards. No XC.

These arrangments are fully documented in ATS/LOA08 dated 20 Apr 2023.


This is a very important training site and venue for the world renowned Baildon Sod. Losing it would be a disaster so please follow the site rules carefully.

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

Dubrodden Caravan Site at the end of the track. Good mobile phone