Brant Side

Last edited on: 24 May 2023

Important information

The farmer requests that all pilots use gloves/hand sanitiser when going through the gates.

When top landing at take off be extra vigilant in stronger winds that you do not get blown back as this could lead to landing behind the wall with the risk of rotor.

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

Sites officer

North (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 54.276358, -2.345247

OS grid reference: SD 778 866

Wind direction

WSW (230-255)


1705’ (520m) AMSL, 885’ (270m) Top to valley bottom

Grade of pilot

HG – Soarers only.
PG – All grades.


Traditionally where the access track joins the Coal Road from Garsdale Head to Lea Yeat about a kilometere east of Dent railway station.The walk in from here is easy but we also have permission to drive along the track and park just before the second gate. there is room for about 6 cars but be aware that the fell side of this area is boggy, park with driving wheels on the track side. A third parking area is for HGs and is marked on the map just before the third gate. Unfortunately you can't see either of these parking areas from the road so you may be wasting your time if there isn't room. Groups should cooperate with leaving vehicles at the road and ferrying gear/pilots to the second gate.


Walk 1200m along the access track and through the third gate to access take off(level ground).


Space for about 12 gliders.


Tricky bottom landing, especially for HGs. Paragliders can slope-land part way down the hill.


Do not block the track. Do not block the turning area. Keep the gates closed.


This is a good alternative SW site when Stags Fell is busy but comes into its own right when the wind is WSW and Stags Fell/Wether Fell are not working.

Top landing – In fairly modest winds you can land almost back at take off or anywhere along the front at the top where it is only gently sloping. Landing behind the wall has the risk of rotor so make allowance for this and land well back. If returning to launch, choose the south end near to the fourth gate where there is a large opening in the fell wall and onto the bridleway track. When returning to your car choose the northern end where there is an easy exit through the fell gate and sheep pens. A track, visible from the air leads to this gate

Flying back to the car at the road junction is quite possible but do not fly over the road. Land in the fields alongside the access track but leave plenty of height to turn, as you will be almost completely downwind at this point.

Emergency bottom landings – if you go down it is possible to land on the shallower slopes below the soaring face. Landing in the valley bottom is tricky as the fields run straight in to the river Dee. Beware of dead spots in the lee of trees. 

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

At Lea Yeat.

Poor mobile phone reception, no reception on some networks.