Ilkley Moor

Last edited on: 26 May 2023

Important information

Members only. No XC and take note of the height restrictions outlined below. Sensitive during grouse shooting season.

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

Sites officer

South (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 53.912226, -1.79738

OS grid reference: SE 134 462

Wind direction

NNE - NE (020 - 040)


1015’ (310m) AMSL, 165' (50m) Top to Bottom

Grade of pilot

PG – Soaring
HG - Expert


By the road or in the Cow and Calf Carpark.


Path from road.


Conditional (3 - 6).


Bottom landing slopes down to the road; beware of traffic. Rotor at top behind rocks. Rocky and bracken covered slope can give PG pilots problems on TO and landing. Bracken looks soft ... hidden rocks aren't! A very popular spot with tourists, hikers etc. so keep a good lookout when landing, especially for courting couples.


Permission to fly is only really available for the ridge to the left of the rock this being owned by Bradford Council. The farmer who owns the land to the right of the rock is not happy for us to fly there since this is being developed into a grouse breeding/shooting moor.


There are stables on the far side of the road and horse-riders often use the moor. Keep a good lookout for them and halt flying activities if they are close by.


Within the Leeds/Bradford CTZ. No limit below 100'AGL. If you think you may be able to get higher phone ATC on 01133 913282 at least 15mins prior to flight. If approved you will be cleared to not above 1,500' AMSL (they will give you a pressure setting) within 1 nm (1.85km) radius. If you are in any doubt about setting QHN stay below 1,000' AMSL (set using map or GPS). Close booking afterwards. No XC.

It is also possible to open up an 'air corridor' between Addingham Moorside and Ilkley by calling ATC.  The ceiling of this corridor is 2,000' AMSL to the West of 'Will Hall's Wood' and 1,500' AMSL to the East of it.  Willy Hall's Wood lies approx 1nm West of the Ilkley Moor site.  It can clearly be seen by zooming in on the map above.  Close booking afterwards.

These arrangments are fully documented in ATS/LOA08 dated 20 Apr 2023.

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

In the Cow and Calf Hotel.