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Important information

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

Sites officer

South (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 54.105636, -2.046527

OS grid reference: SD 971679

Wind direction

SE (115-145)


960ft AMSL. 360ft Top to bottom.

Grade of pilot

Experienced pilots only.


Take the road between the Trout farm and the Tennant Arms. Drive up the hill and park either at the old quarry entrance or where this track meets Mastiles Lane. Do not block the tracks.


From the quarry entrance walk diagonally up the hill on sheep tracks. Take off on the grassy slope once well clear of the quarry. In light conditions it is best to walk to the top (where the shoulder meets the ridge).


Limited. 1 or 2 in light conditions. Up to 4 in good conditions.


Numerous trees and especially the one in the lift band just in front of the ridge.

Trout ponds at the bottom of the ridge and wires running along the eastern side of the landing field.

Trees and road running along the western side of the road.

There may be sheep in the normal landing field.  The farmer also owns the other fields around and is happy for us to use one of those.  Use your common sense and check your landing field for access and obstacles BEFORE driving up the hill.


Site closed from 1st August to 31st December.

The bottom landing field is some distance from take off. Always ensure you can make the landing field on a straight glide if the lift disappears. Other options are very limited.

Although the landing field points into wind it is quite narrow with wires on one side and trees on the other.

You may have to use the gate at the northern end of the landing field: do not be tempted to climb walls or gates in your haste to get to the pub!


Slope/Top landing is possible on the shoulder between T/O and the quarry.

The beer is expensive in the Tennant's Arms!

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

Landline in the Tennants Arms at Kilnsey.

Very limited mobile phone coverage, especially at the bottom.