Nappa Scar

Last edited on: 12 May 2024

Important information

Update 11 May 2024: Please don't fly Nappa Scar at the moment. There are sensitivities around ground-nesting birds.  The sites officer is speaking with those who look after and manage the land and will update here as soon as possible. 

No XC flights over the back between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season).

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This site is closed and should not be flown.

Sites officer

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Lat, long: 54.327339, -2.066219

OS grid reference: SD 960 925

Wind direction

S-SW (180-225)


1675' (510m) AMSL. 525' (160m) Top to Bottom. 1020' (310m)Top to valley bottom

Grade of pilot

PG – Experienced
HG - Experienced


Follow the Reeth road from Askrigg and park at the side of the road where the wall on the right side of the road ends.


From the parking spot follow the wall across the moor until a gate is reached. Go through the gate (please close) and walk to the top of the ridge.


In light conditions no more than 5.


The site has sharp crags below the top crags. Severe turbulence may be experienced if trying to scratch, especially when the wind is off the face.


SEVERE ROTOR has been reported on the top, especially in strong winds and extending a fair way back.


If you don't want to land at the bottom, fly back towards the parking area and land just before the road.


No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season). From Jan 1st - Aug 11th XC flights are permitted; attain at least 1,000 feet ATO before going over the back (to be sure of clearing the moor) going towards Swaledale. No low flights or landing on the moor under any circumstances.


Beware of turbulence (especially if the wind is slightly off) and rotor. An under used site with similar XC potential to Stags Fell and an alternative soaring site when Stags Fell is busy.

Site Challenges

If you'd like a task to follow, consider the Nappa NCS challenge.  Visit Ed Cleasby's website for background and information about the Northern Challenge Series.

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

At Askrigg.