Semer Water

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Important information

This site is sensitive due to lambing between Feb to June.

Please don't take of or land near young lambs.

Permission has been given to park up to 6 members cars in the Hawes End landing field on busy flying days.

This is shown by "P" on the site map.


Park on the left hand side at the top of the field.

Do not obstruct any access to the field that may be required by the farmer.

Club members cars only.

Avoid parking in the field if it is muddy.

1st car in must put the temporary sign on the gate.

Last car out must put the temporary sign back in the wall.

The sign is hidden in the wall approx 10m to the left hand side of the gate inside the field.

Also - As road parking is very sensitive at present - please don't block gates or laybys/passing areas.

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This site can be flown but there are some important rules in place. Please read the information on this page very carefully.

Sites officer

North (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 54.289, -2.1388

OS grid reference: SD 909 880

Wind direction

ESE (95-135) NNW (335-360)


1610’ (490m) AMSL. 260’ (80m) to Hawes End. 310’ (95m) to base of hill. 625’ (190m) to bottom landing area. 395’ (120m) to NNW landing.

Grade of pilot

PG – All grades.

HG - Reasonably experienced.


Park by the side of the road at Hawes End. Do not block the gates or the road.


Over the newly repaired wall section 10m west of the road bend.


About 12 Gliders in good conditions.


The small quarry between shoulder and top ridge (SE) can be rough. Very severe rotors at the access end of the top ridge. Beware of letting yourself get too far back, as there is a danger of stalling violently here.


The trees below the edge produce rotor and dead air, so do not fly behind them at below ridge level.


This site can be especially sensitive at lambing time. Please check the website traffic lights prior to flying between Feb – Jun: the site may be closed.


Only land in the bottom landing field when it is clear of cattle. Also do not use it when in hay (Long Grass).


Landings at the lakeside are prohibited. Only land in the NNW landing field when it is clear of stock. Although we cannot park in the field at Hawes End you may land and pack up there.


A near top access site so popular with HG. On a good day it is likely that you will be able to launch from the shoulder and fly to the top. In lighter conditions it is worth walking to the top.

Land owner

No information

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

At Countersett.

Fairly good mobile phone reception on some networks.