Stags Fell (Members only)

Last edited on: 12 Aug 2023

Important information

No XC flights over the back between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season).

DHPC members only.

The "12 pilots allowed in the air at any one time" restriction has now been removed on the proviso that there are no landings on the open moor and top cliffs.

Please ensure that you abide by the Rules section below - this is a very sensitive site.

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This site can be flown but there are some important rules in place. Please read the information on this page very carefully.

Sites officer

North (Turn on JavaScript!)


Lat, long: 54.328972, -2.198239

OS grid reference: SD 870 927

Wind direction

SSE-WSW (160-250)


1575’ (480m) AMSL. 790’ (240m) Top to Bottom.

Grade of pilot

PG – Experienced only.

HG – Expert.


In one of the 2 small car parks on the left, just before the cattle grid, on the Hawes to Muker road. Please do not drive up the track.


The easiest way up is to walk round the barrier and up the track, forking right at the top of the ridge. PGs should not be tempted to walk too far along the ridge as the sharp edge makes canopy inflation difficult – stick to the small mound, unless the wind is well off to the south in which case you will have to walk some distance around the corner.


There is now no restriction on the number of pilots in the air.


Rotor on top landings.

PG generally top land or slope land on the ledge – beware boulders.

Hardraw and Sedbusk BL are designed for HG and make for an interesting and worthwhile sled ride at the end of the day. Before flying down, check with someone who knows the landing field well, or fly down with them as both fields are unclear at takeoff.

Hardraw – sloping/wires/turbulent in WSW.

Sedbusk – a large enough pasture on the Hardraw to Askrigg road, next to the Sedbusk turn off. Beware of dead air behind the plantations on the Southerly hillside when flying down across the face. Note - The access gate is not at the bottom (flat bit) of the field.


FULL DHPC MEMBERS ONLY. All pilots, helpers and spectators must stay off the open moorland, due to grouse management.

A permanent sign is now installed at the bottom of the main track - please read before you walk up & fly.

No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season). From Jan 1st - Aug 11th XC flights are permitted, attain at least 1,000 feet ATO before going over the back (to be sure of clearing the moor) going towards Swaledale. No low flights or landing on the moor under any circumstances.

Takeoff, landing, soaring and ground handling from the top cliffs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Protected Golden Plovers nest behind the upper takeoff.



No information

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

At Simonstone.

Good mobile reception on some networks.