Wether Fell

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Important information

Hang glider emergency bottom landing field at West Duerley Farm now has some electric fences - take care.

Saturdays: avoid overflying any active shoots to the NE of take-off.

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This site is open but please read the information on this page carefully.

Sites officer

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Lat, long: 54.2699, -2.2057

OS grid reference: SD 868 867

Wind direction

WNW (280-310)


1880 ft AMSL. 920ft top to bottom. 660ft to emergency landing field.

Grade of pilot

Paraglider - soaring

Hang Glider - soaring


Drive along the Cam High Road (Roman Road) towards Bainbridge, through the walled section, and park by the top gate (marked DHPC) without blocking the road. Cars should only be parked on the NW side of the road to avoid obstructing farmers, etc.


Via the Greenhalgh Gate or the Top Gate. Top Gate gives best access to highest and steepest part of the hill.


About twenty, although competitions have seen a lot more.


At the SW end of the ridge pilots can startle unsuspecting car drivers coming over the blind brow. Paragliders can bottom land in the field with the disused Mine Workings although this requires a slope landing technique. The Duerley Beck field is the preferred bottom landing field for hang gliders. Do not allow yourself to drift behind the Cam High Road wall. For hang glider top landings a crosswind tracking approach is recommended.


Paragliders should prepare, launch and TL in the paragliding area as indicated to deconflict with launching hang gliders. Don’t scratch or ground handle in front of the hang glider launch/top landing area where you might be out of sight of launching gliders or block a pilot’s overshoot.

The smooth slope (shown in brown to the right), where we often put up a windsock, basically shows the boundary between HG and PG.  Even if there are no hang gliders present please walk to the correct area, to get everyone into the right habit, and land in the same place.

HGs emergency bottom landings:- The owners of West Duerley Farm have livestock which graze in the adjacent fields to the farm.HGs should choose a suitable field without livestock in them. If in doubt call down to see the owners in person.


Visitors are expected to join DHPC if flying here more than 6 days per year.

This site remains one of the most popular Hang Gliding hills in the north of England but due to dwindling HG pilots, is often flown by PG pilots only. Despite this, it is important to recognise the separate take-off areas and avoiding getting into the bad habit of using the HG area.

A site which is famous for wave; so make a good assessment of the conditions before flying.

Dodd Fell is a good alternative for paragliders when this site is busy.

Watch out for gliders going XC from Dodd Fell.

Hang gliders: Keep to the HG area and give priority to landing pilots.

Paragliders: Keep clear of the HG top landing area and take-off.

The high ground (Drumaldrace) immediately behind the northern part of the ridge is used for shooting on some Saturdays during the shooting season.  Avoid overflying this area low if thermalling back when there is a shoot on.

Site Challenges

If you'd like a task to follow, consider Wether Fell's Defined Flying Challenges: Wether Fell Leyburn and Wether Fell Summerbridge. If you don't know about the DFCs, you can read about them, and download a copy from Ed Cleasby's website.

Land owner

Contact via Sites Officer

Nearest landline/mobile phone coverage

At Hawes (N) or Oughtershaw (S).