Site Status Warnings
Permission must be sought from the Gamekeeper before flying. No flying August 12 – December 31.
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Great Whernside
The landowner has refused permission for us to park here, bottom land or to fly the NW face.  The area is...
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Semer Water
Lambing time again - see the Rules section below.
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Stags Fell (Members only)
DHPC members only. Only 12 pilots allowed in the air at any one time. No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st...
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Site Records
Dales Site XC Paragliding Records
Sites Pilot Wing Date



Addingham Pete Logan Airwave Sport2 26 Apr 07 20.1 Laneshawbridge
Brant Side Jake Herbert Ozone Zeno 8 Sep 19 99.6 Wrelton
Cow Close Jake Herbert Nova Mentor 4 1 May 15 69.7 Blackpool
Dodd Fell Dean Crosby Nova Triton 2 21 Jul 14 193.8 Sleaford
Grove Head Jake Herbert Apco Allegra 1999 58 Blackpool
Hawkswick Jake Herbert Ozone Zeno 21 Apr 19 163.2 Belford
Kettlewell Jake Herbert Nova Mentor 2 27 Apr 11 80.3 Southport
Kilnsey Dave Smart Ozone Delta 2 4 Jun 15 55.9 Selset Resr'
Nappa Scar Jake Herbert Apco Allegra 14 Jun 03 42.8 Wilton-le-Wear
Nont Sarahs Mark Day Swing Minoa 1997 16.4 Heptonstall
Semer Water Dave Smart UP Meru 19 Apr 19 104.2 Canonbie
Stags Fell John Ellison Niviuk Ice Peak XP 11 Apr 09 146 Lowick
Sutton Bank Pete Logan Apco Allegra 2004 15 Bilsdale
Tailbridge Anthony Moore Ozone Delta 2 Jun 13 63.5 Hutton Conyers
Wether Fell Jake Herbert Nova Ra 22 Apr 10 164 nr Spurn Point
Whernside Ali Guthrie Ozone Mantra M4 20 Jun 12 96.8 Skinburness


If you think that you have broken the paragliding record for any site (including those not listed) please contact Turn on JavaScript!   Distances are open from take off (i.e. straight line) rather than turnpoint.


Dales Site XC Hang Gliding Records
Site Pilot Wing Date Distance Landing
Cow Close Fell Trevor Birkbeck Solar S3 1985 63 km Winter Hill
Dodd Fell Trevor Birkbeck WW T2 2014 134 km South Ferriby
Hawkswick Trevor Birkbeck Magic 4 1985 62 km A1
Nont Sarahs Trevor Birkbeck Magic 4 1986 14 km Halifax
Semer Water John Stirk Solar 1984 129 km Ecclefechan
Stags Fell Gary Wirdnam Combat L 2010 90 km Souter Lighthouse
Sutton Bank Trevor Birkbeck Combat L 1990 72 km Bridlington
Tailbridge Hill Steve Mann Combat L 2014 73 km Hartlepool
Wether Fell Nick Pain Combat L 2004 230 km Boston


If you think that you have broken the hang gliding record for any site (including those not listed) please contact Turn on JavaScript!   Distances are open from take off (i.e. straight line) rather than turnpoint.