Murton Pike

Murton Pike is a new Cumbria Soaring Club site open to all pilots. The land is owned by MoD and CSC have recently agreed a site access procedure after lengthy negotiations. It lies on the edge of D407 which covers the MoD training area - this is used for the firing of live ordnance. Murton Pike is principally a thermal site and good XC flights have started from there. It isn't a very good soaring site. If you want to fly at Murton Pike, please read the site guide and follow the instructions. We are currently on a 12 month trial and it would be easy to lose the site if we don't use it in line with the agreement.

It is important to stress that if you inadvertently land in the danger area, do not move - call the guard room and they will organise your retrieval. Do not touch any strange objects!

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Ian Henderson

Cumbria Soaring Club

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