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Please do not fly here if there is a shoot taking place.  The shooting season is 12 Aug - 1 Feb.  Over this...
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Welcome to the Dales Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club. May your flying career with us be happy and successful. The Club was founded in 1974, after a few enthusiasts had felt the need to organise themselves in order to control the activities of the flyers and to retain the good will of the land owners.


We were made official by affiliation to the British Hang Gliding Association at its inception in 1975. Since those early days the Club has grown in strength and today is one of the most successful and well supported in the country. We hope that you continue the Club spirit which has always been encouraged, and that you will want to take part in our activities, and maybe even in the management of the Club at some future time.

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20 May 2015

Coaching Day - 23rd May

This is an early head-up for a possible coaching day on Saturday. It also clashes with the BOS which we will try to avoid. For further information as the w/e approaches please refer to either the shoutbox or the forum coaching section for... read more
29 Mar 2015

April - Club Night 2/4/15

An overview of instruments and their use. An opportunity to hear and share your views on all things to do with instruments. Setting up, guidance on info' fields, purchasing guidance, useful apps, creating routes, navigating airspace etc., Please... read more
2 Mar 2015

March Club Night

We presented most of the trophies at the Farmers' Dinner last Saturday, but we'll be presenting the remainder (including 100km+ mugs) at the club night.  Other than that just a social - eat around 6.30pm, drinks from 7.30pm,... read more
21 Feb 2015

Coaching registration - 2015 (now open)

If you wish to register for coaching - and be on the coaching list for 2015, please follow the link below for details.  Coaching 2015   read more
26 Jan 2015

Club Night - Thu 5th Feb

Judith Mole - Improving your flying through individual goal setting.   This workshop is aimed at any pilot who wishes to improve their flying, whether that be gaining more confidence, going XC, comps, etc. However, very low airtime pilots (CP... read more