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Site Status Warnings
Permission must be sought from the Gamekeeper before flying. No flying August 12 – December 31.
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Site closed 1 Aug - 31 Dec.
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Ilkley Moor
Members only. No XC and take note of the height restrictions outlined below. Sensitive during grouse shooting season.
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Nappa Scar
No XC flights between Aug - Dec (shooting season).
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Stags Fell (Members only)
DHPC members only. Only 12 pilots allowed on the site at any one time. No XC flights between Aug - Dec (shooting...
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Wether Fell
Staurdays: avoid overflying any active shoots to the NE of take-off.
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Welcome to the Dales Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club. May your flying career with us be happy and successful. The Club was founded in 1974, after a few enthusiasts had felt the need to organise themselves in order to control the activities of the flyers and to retain the good will of the land owners.


We were made official by affiliation to the British Hang Gliding Association at its inception in 1975. Since those early days the Club has grown in strength and today is one of the most successful and well supported in the country. We hope that you continue the Club spirit which has always been encouraged, and that you will want to take part in our activities, and maybe even in the management of the Club at some future time.

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2 Oct 2015

Steve Nash Postponed

Club night - Thu 5 Nov. Unfortunately Steve Nash has had to postpone the X-Alps talk on the 5th Nov.   Red Bull have invited him out to Salzburg to discuss the future of the race (with the other athletes) and he  simply can't... read more
23 Sep 2015

What has the BHPA ever done for us?

Club night - Thu 1 Oct.   Martin Baxter was elected to the BHPA Executive Committee, as Sites Officer, just over a year ago.  He will be giving a full and frank account of his impressions so far, including who is involved, how it all... read more
14 Aug 2015

Club Nights

Sorry to spoil your summer, if the weather hasn't done that already, but it's time to start thinking about Winter Club Nights.  We kick off on Thu 3 Sep with Pat Dower conducting a review of the 2015 season; and we have Steve Nash, the only... read more
13 Aug 2015

Coaching Day - 16th August (Sunday)

This is an early head-up for a possible coaching day on Sunday. It could be a Windbank day as things stand. For further information as the w/e approaches please refer to either the shoutbox or the forum coaching section for additional notes. ? read more
10 Aug 2015

Glorious Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth refers to 12 August, the start of the shooting season for Grouse and to a lesser extent Ptarmigan.  It is one of the busiest days in the shooting season (which lasts until the end of December), with large amounts of game... read more