Warning for Baildon Sod '18

40th Anniversary Year

Folks it’s time once again to think of the Dales Club’s premier flight competition (no really it is) and prepare to bash bracken once again for the 2018 Baildon Sod. Forget the league and the Northern Challenge - turnpoints are for dweebs!

This year adds extra dignity by it being (on reasonably flakey authority) The Fortieth Year we’ve held it. Yes, in 1978 Noel Whittall cruised to victory on a hollowed out Sopwith Camel - landing, apparently, almost within sight of the first fairway. To mark this occasion, St Hilaire style wing or harness decorations are encouraged and fabulous cash prizes will be given out to those who either manage to be creative or, more likely, those who manage to most comprehensively destroy their glide angle.

But know that the competition will be stiff this year. Kerim Jasperson will be defending his title using the 99 cell Phantom that craftily defied gravity last year. Although some say they say his dog pulled him along on an almost imperceptible length of comp line. Hard to say really; the judges were all distracted by the thought of beers and pizza in the Malt Shovel afterward.The late spring means that the bracken is much shorter than previous years - who knows what that means?

As ever, whilst the evenings are long, a light easterly on a weekday evening is called for. Watch for news in all the following places:

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That should do for now.

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