Site Status Warnings
No flying during the months of Sep - Nov unless prior approval obtained.
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23.03.20. - Site Closed Until Further Notice.
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Site closed 1 Aug - 31 Dec.
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Great Whernside
The landowner has refused permission for us to park here, bottom land or to fly the NW face.  The area is...
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Nappa Scar
No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season).
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Stags Fell (Members only)
No XC flights between Aug 12th - Dec 31st inclusive (shooting season). DHPC members only. The "12 pilots allowed in...
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Joining the DHPC
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Coach's Checklist

This is just a first stab. Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted:

Before setting off:

  • Check your own BHPA membership to make sure it hasn't expired
  • Go through the Coachee checklist with the coachee
  • Working radio, able to transmit and receive in the air

On the hill:

  • Ask to see the BHPA membership card of your coachees. You are advised to refuse to coach someone who can't present a valid, current card and rating.
  • Agree a radio frequency.
  • See if coachee can transmit safely in flight. This won't be covered in the school.
  • Check colours and make of coachee's glider and harness so you can pick it out when they radio you.
  • Agree a task or exercise and a protocol for the coachee giving notice (over the radio) when they are going to execute it.
  • Try to have a debrief when you are all on the ground.
  • Sign off any tasks completed. Make a note of any partial tasks (e.g. 1 top landing at one site) in your own notes/logs.