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Rating Exam Revision Materials

The links below are to revision materials for the P and AP ratings. Please regard the Airlaw sections as subject to change over time.

However, they are more than adequate for the purpose of what the exam covers. Please any club coach if you wish to sit an exam and we'll arrange for the papers.

Revision notes for the Pilot exam (Flybubble)

An excellent starting point that gathers into one site much of what I have pdf'd below. This link is in grateful appreciation for the work of the late Graham Taylor (who did all the work) and Sheila Knotts in keeping his website available for others. 


Flight Theory



Judith Mole's blogcasts. Really excellent, a wide variety of interviews with very experienced pilots on a whole hots of topics.

Scroll down and you'll find our very own Melise Harland being interviewed.

Judith Mole Podcasts

Other more general stuff:

Joint Coaching Day Powerpoint slides (from March 2012)