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Flying Cross Country (XC)

Do not attempt to fly XC unless you are Pilot rated.

Ensure that you have a current ICAO airspace map (that you understand!).

Ensure that you check the NOTAMs before leaving home (

Remain clear of airspace, danger areas and NOTAMs.

Do not low fly over built up areas or large gatherings.

Remember that as height is gained, there is a tendency for the wind to veer with a clockwise rotation. So North winds move North Easterly and East winds South Easterly etc. This is not hard and fast but is worth remembering. Pilots flying XC should bear this in mind and always keep a close eye on their track both in thermals and on glides.

Often whilst climbing in thermals, the wind may take a pilot towards controlled airspace. The way to counter this is to make cross-wind glides between thermals in a direction that takes the pilot away from the airspace and puts them in a good position to drift with the next thermal.