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Welcome to the Dales Club Site Guide. We ask that both club members and non-members look through the information in this section on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with site issues and changing rules. To select an individual site, just click on it's name on the Wind Rose below or in the list on the right.

The Countryside Code

The Dales Club enjoys access to much privately owned land, for launch and landing sites. Please remember that it belongs to someone.

Read about the Countryside Code.

Visiting Pilots

The DHPC welcomes BHPA members and suitably qualified visiting pilots from overseas with adequate (£5M) third party insurance, with the following caveats:

1. Any pilot flying (or intending to fly) under this arrangement on more than 6 days per year is expected to take out full membership.

2. Visiting pilots must be fully aware of current site rules and adhere to them at all times.

3. Certain sites, currently Stags Fell, Ilkley Moor and Baildon, are 'full members only' and not open to visiting pilots due to local sensitivities.

4. This agreement is based on mutual trust and is peer regulated.

5. Pilots who knowingly break the trust of the agreement will be identified, named and peer pressure applied to ensure that they join the club. Monitoring this is the responsibility of all members.

Reciprocal Arrangements

The DHPC has reciprocal flying arrangements with:

and may fly their sites under the same arrangements as we apply to visiting pilots.

Airspace & NOTAM Information

Check for NOTAMs before flying.

Create a NOTAM for your flying activities using the CANP service.

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