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Forum Tip

Published: 16 Apr 2013

Register for the forum.  Then every time you sign in, posts you haven't read are highlighted in red.  This saves trawling through everything to find the new stuff.  Initially you'll have to click 'Mark Forums Read' to avoid all...

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Black Horse Closed

Published: 2 Apr 2013

Thanks to club member Andrew for pointing out that The Black Horse has closed down.  Obviously they didn't bother to tell us (!), but we have tracked down the tenant landlord, who is in dispute with the brewery, and has moved to the...

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Club Night - Thu 4 April

Published: 27 Mar 2013

Dean Crosby and Steve Nash present Pyrenees Hike & Fly (2012). The pure spirit of Hike & Fly paragliding; that is, carrying a wing however far, to the next launch site with the promise that it will carry you in the air in a much...

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Farmers' Dinner - 9 Mar 13

Published: 24 Feb 2013

Deadline for the Farmers' Dinner is Thu 28 Feb. Yummy food, real ale, flying chat, balloons and raffle.  Come along and thank the farmers for letting us use their sites. Details here. ?

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Wendy Windblows - Wether Fell

Published: 20 Feb 2013

19th Feb. There appears to be a data link problem with the radio signal coming down off the hill. Unfortunately, it will need better weather before I can get the 4WD across the moor to attend to it.  This is because of snow up there, or...

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Club Night - Thu 7 Feb

Published: 30 Jan 2013

Simon Scott is coming to talk to us about paramotoring.  Simon is a very accomplished hang glider and paramotor pilot who has represented his country at the World Paramotor Championships. Not only but also, 'Defined Flying Challenges in the...

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CP to XC - 10th March 2013

Published: 15 Jan 2013

To prove that we can organise something in a brewery, Dave Ashcroft and Ed Cleasby are running a second joint coaching course with the CSC. This year the focus will be on all those skills that lead to flying those first XC flights and developing XC...

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Jon Chambers - X Alps Talk

Published: 10 Jan 2013

The CSC have arranged for Jon Chambers, X Alps competitor 2011 (and also entered for the 2013 event) to give a lecture on all aspects of what is involved in this most gruelling of adventure races; plus summit landing Mont Blanc last summer. Details...

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Carlton Wendy

Published: 9 Jan 2013

Carlton Hangar Being Demolished.  The gliding club informed us today (8 Jan 13), out of the blue with no warning, that the hangar on which Wendy sits is to be demolished this week! We had been told repeatedly that nothing was going to happen...

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Club Night - Thursday 10th January

Published: 8 Jan 2013

Pete Logan - XC Route advice in the Dales plus a series of short films shown recently at the Keswick Film Festival. *********************************************************************** The club is planning to offer the same service as last...

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