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Published: 9 Sep 2013

Over the weekend a couple of members had an altercation with an individual who we believe has  shooting rights.  It seems that a number of walls have been damaged by individuals (not necessarily pilots) climbing over them and he was...

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Club Night - Wed 4 Sep

Published: 27 Aug 2013

There is no planned activity so it's just a chance to get together with fellow pilots for a drink, and something to eat if you fancy it. Note that Club Nights are now held on the first Wednesday of the month at a new venue: The Horse and...

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British Paramotor Open Championships

Published: 15 Jul 2013

The British Paramotor Open Championships are taking place at Beverley, near Hull between 18 - 22 Jul.  Those of you that attended Simon Scott's talk will know how entertaining it can be for spectators - why not take the family along at the...

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Baildon Sod '13 Write Up

Published: 9 Jul 2013

Melise's photos are here: ... 257442848/ Jaspersen takes the glory this year with a massive glide across the fairway...

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Coaching Day - w/e 8/9th June

Published: 5 Jun 2013

Hopefully there will be a coaching day on one of the two w/e days - at the moment this looks most likley on Saturday but things could change. Please check the forum (under coaching) for details. 

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Semer Water Closed

Published: 16 May 2013

The farmers (Alec and Sandra Lambert) have asked us not to fly at Semer Water until 1 Jul 13.  They intend to put ewes with their newly born lambs into the landing field and any flying could scare them into possibly permenant separation, with...

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DHPC Awards 2012

Published: 4 May 2013

The DHPC 2012 Awards were presented at the last club night on 2 May 13 but for those of you that couldn't make it attached is a complete list of winners. Congratulations to all, and many thanks to Richard Boyle and Simon Goodman for pulling...

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Coaching Day - w/e 4/5th May 2013

Published: 1 May 2013

With a bit of luck we should have a decent day for coaching purpose this Saturday or Sunday. This is an early heads up,  from this point on please check the shoutbox and the forum (under coaching) for fuller details. of go/no go, day, place and...

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Club Night - Thu 2 May

Published: 26 Apr 2013

Come along to the last club night of the season.  We don't hold meetings over the summer months, so the next one won't be until September.   Due to the closure of the Black Horse in Otley we'll be taking up temporary residence at the...

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Sutton Bank

Published: 16 Apr 2013

We note from the Sir George Cayley Sailwings Club website that they have lost all rights to fly from Sutton Bank :(  DHPC used to make a £50 contribution to fly there, but it wasn't that suitable for paragliders.

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