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22 Sep 2019

CLUB NIGHT- Tim Pentreath: Adventure Pilot - 3rd October 2019 at the Horse and Farrier.

On the 3rd October 2019 we will welcome Tim Pentreath An adventurous pilot who flies Vol Biv in the UK and abroad. He is the face of XC retrieve and UK distributor of XC Tracer. This evening will not disappoint! NEW...

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19 Sep 2019

Cycling Road Closures 21 - 29 Sep

Various roads in the Dales will be closed for the UCI Cycling World Championships.  There is a useful interactive map here: From what I can gather it affects Wensleydale,...

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28 Aug 2019

CLUB NIGHT- Photography and flight- 5th September 2019 at the Horse and Farrier

Our first guest of the season is HARRY BLOXHAM. Harry is a UK competition pilot (who just won the Brisith Champs in Pedro Bernardo) and takes amazing photos! Hopefully we will get some hints and tips on how to capture epic pictures of our...

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12 Jul 2019

Safety Notice for UP Ascent 4 and Mana

On few Ascent 4 the glider went into a condition similar to deep stall after big ears maneuver was carried out (high sink rate also after releasing ears), or when brakes were pulled too far on slow speed a deep stall tendency was determined. Most of...

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26 Jun 2019

Safety notice for Gradient Avax XC5 - lines may rupture

Important safety note for gradient Avax XC5. If you happen to fly this wing, please contact your dealer soonest.details: ... VAX_EN.pdf

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24 May 2019

Forum Access - Members Only

Following years of discussion the committee recently decided to make the forum members only.  We believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  As a first step Alex has 'locked down' the forum so that only registered users (when...

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20 May 2019

Committee Vacancies – Your Club Needs You

We can only exist as a club if members volunteer some of their spare time to help run the club and to make decisions on your behalf.  We still don’t have a Newsletter Editor.  That’s a sad reflection on a club with a proud...

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1 May 2019

Nont Sarahs Open Again

Nonts is open again. The NT have been in-touch thanking us for our cooperation.

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24 Apr 2019

Nont Sarahs Closed

Nonts Sarahs is closed due to the moor fires at Marsden Moor.  Please do not fly the site until the closure is lifted.  There has been a fire fighting helicopter operating in the area and it is important that we do not affect its operation.

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17 Apr 2019

BONUS CLUB NIGHT 2ND MAY 2019 - Wing Wizardry and PHI (the Golden Ratio) with special guest Hannes Papesh and the Flybubble team

We are back for a bonus club night on 2ND MAY 2019 with some special guests... An eye-opening evening talk by Hannes Papesh of PHI, presented by Flybubble, hosted by Dales Hang gliding and Paragliding Club on Thursday 2nd May 2019 at the HORSE...

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