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BHPA Coaching Course 6/7 Feb 21

Published: 26 Jun 2020

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a club coaching course on the weekend of 6/7 Feb 21. The objective of the course is to train Club Pilots to become Club Coaches. As a Club Coach you will help other pilots in developing their...

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Sites Open Again

Published: 14 May 2020

After due consideration and a green light from the BHPA, the committee has taken the decision to re-open some DHPC sites again.  Not all sites are open (for CV-19 and other reasons).  As always, please refer to the website where this is...

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COVID-19 Sites Remain Closed

Published: 12 May 2020

Thank you for respecting and adhering to the site closures we announced on March 24th.  In the light of the Government's recent announcements many of you will be looking forward with anticipation to flying again soon. With regret, and after...

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COVID-19 Easing the restrictions

Published: 8 May 2020

Media speculation suggests that the Prime Minister may ease some of the current restrictions in his announcement on Sunday 10 May.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t given us advanced notice of his plans.  Please bear in mind that it will...

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Site Closures

Published: 24 Mar 2020

All DHPC sites are now closed and pilots are asked not to fly in the local area until further notice.  Whilst you could argue that ground handling constitutes 'exercise' and is an essential element of maintaining currency, we request that you...

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Coronavirus Flying Restrictions - Update

Published: 23 Mar 2020

With regret the DHPC Committee requests that pilots refrain from flying in the local area, especially club sites, until further notice. Whilst it's tempting to argue that you can maintain separation at all times, it's more about respecting the...

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Coronavirus Flying Restrictions

Published: 17 Mar 2020

It's a fast moving situation but at the current time, 17 Mar 20, neither the BHPA not the DHPC are imposing any restrictions on flying. BUT, in the same way that you should conduct a risk assessment (I'M SAFE - Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol,...

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Site Briefing Days - February 2020

Published: 20 Jan 2020

During February the club will be running a number of site briefing days for new (and not so new) members.  The idea is to bring to life the information already contained in the sites' guide: parking, route up, take-off, landing, hazards. ...

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