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Cycling Road Closures 21 - 29 Sep

Published: 19 Sep 2019

Various roads in the Dales will be closed for the UCI Cycling World Championships.  There is a useful interactive map here: From what I can gather it affects Wensleydale,...

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Safety Notice for UP Ascent 4 and Mana

Published: 12 Jul 2019

On few Ascent 4 the glider went into a condition similar to deep stall after big ears maneuver was carried out (high sink rate also after releasing ears), or when brakes were pulled too far on slow speed a deep stall tendency was determined. Most of...

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Forum Access - Members Only

Published: 24 May 2019

Following years of discussion the committee recently decided to make the forum members only.  We believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  As a first step Alex has 'locked down' the forum so that only registered users (when...

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Committee Vacancies – Your Club Needs You

Published: 20 May 2019

We can only exist as a club if members volunteer some of their spare time to help run the club and to make decisions on your behalf.  We still don’t have a Newsletter Editor.  That’s a sad reflection on a club with a proud...

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Nont Sarahs Closed

Published: 24 Apr 2019

Nonts Sarahs is closed due to the moor fires at Marsden Moor.  Please do not fly the site until the closure is lifted.  There has been a fire fighting helicopter operating in the area and it is important that we do not affect its operation.

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