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Hawkswick - Shooting

Published: 3 Nov 2011

Sorry folks but the farmer has asked us not to fly at either Windbank or Hawswick on shoot dates (see post below).  I'll copy the dates onto the Events Page (on a monthly basis) to make it easier to check if there is a shoot on before you go...

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Nov Club Night (AGM) Postponed

Published: 31 Oct 2011

The Treasurer informed me this morning that, due to work and domestic commitments, he won’t have the accounts ready, nor will he be able to make it to the AGM this Thursday. There isn’t much point in holding an AGM without accurate...

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Littondale - Update

Published: 30 Oct 2011

The sites officer has been to see the concerned farmer today.  It would appear that we forced him to abandon his shoot on 28th :( Negotiations are continuing but progress so far is as follows: Cow Close Fell is not affected - open for...

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No Flying in Littondale!

Published: 29 Oct 2011

Windbank, Hawkswick and Cow Close Fell.  Some of you were approached by a farmer at Windbank on 28 Oct.  He has asked us not to fly in Littondale during the shooting season. The sites officer is on the case and we hope reach a sensible...

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New Dales Forecast

Published: 27 Oct 2011

You may have noticed a couple of odd looking entries on Twitter (!/dalesflyer ) and the website shout box in the last few days. It looks a bit like this: DalesRASP > TEST Thu 0 ; Fri yes ; Sat 0 ; Sun 0 ; Mon 0 ; Tue 0...

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Kendal Film Festival- Free Flight Night

Published: 24 Oct 2011

The long running Kendal Film Festival is on from 17 - 20th November at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. The 17th Nov is Free Flight Night compared by Jocky Sanderson and  featuring John Chambers giving a slide/video presentation of his 2011 Red...

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